The Founder 

Started life at Klang, Malaysia by completing high school and later in (2003) graduating Bachelors of Science, Computing from University of Portsmouth, UK leaded Poobalan Krishnan to discover IT Stream Technology.


Growing up from a small town in Klang and waking up every day to help his father who had a “Roti Canai” stall before going to school was one of Balan daily routine before learning further knowledge to help his future. Understanding in an early age, that working hard with focus and saving money will be able to make anything possible.  When Balan was making minimum few hundreds roti’s and thinking would his life will end up at the stall or would he be able to further venture his interest In Information technology.


After graduating high school and completing his diploma in IT while helping his dad and providing freelance IT solutions kept building the entrepreneurship spirit of Poobalan. Having faith and wanted to explore the world and be educated in United Kingdom became a reality when he got accepted at the university when many would think twice to pursue due to financial affordability.


The saving he kept since helping his dad during school and freelance IT solutions came handy to continue Poobalan dreams to be a qualified IT Engineer. After graduating and returning back to Malaysia, Poobalan begin to look for employments and also having his mind to start something on his own. Due too many graduates in IT who were not able to get the right employment motivated Poobalan to start his dream to have an IT solution company.


Starting by providing solutions for his high school and organically leaded him to provide services to individuals and corporate clients by stages. Today after 12 years, Poobalan is still committed to provide the latest IT solutions to his clients and mainly helping those who are in need.  Poobalan always says , how he had to struggle life to be where he is  and it is his responsibility to give back where IT Stream is able to for the needy children.