About Us

IT Stream Technology a social enterprise technology company established to support the needy children via ICT education by providing IT solutions and services to individuals, corporates, schools and non – profits.

We started in 2004 by refurbishing personal computers for our clients. Since then, we have grown organically by diversifying towards providing various IT solutions for industries by introducing state of art technologies which can help to reduce cost and improve the technology elements of our clients.

When we started operation in 2004, we were not focusing as a social enterprise company. Later in 2015, we repositioned our self to be a social enterprise company after realizing many children are not able to receive basic IT education due to not be able to meet the expense to purchase devices and attend IT classes. Since then, we started of many affordable programs towards catering for children who not able to afford no matter they come from urban or suburban locations.

We also begin to work with other social enterprise company related to education by supporting in providing computers, establishing IT labs and solutions which can help to educate the children in need.  We have set our vision to continually grow organically in these rapid growing of ICT Industry. We at IT Stream Technology understand the transformation in the technology industry and we are ready to adopt and change when needed and also be a change agent to ensure we take responsibility to support the children and our clients.